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i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm kristen sze. >> there has beachb another shooting on a popular trail. >> it was the third shooting and amy hollyfield joins us. the attackers may have knew the victims. >> that is the hunch at this point. that all the victims knew their shooters. they don't think people were walking the dogs and enjoying the trail are being randomly attacked and residents should feel safe. >> after a section of the trail closed again after police do
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another inconvenience. >> my grandchildren i won't let them walk the trail because of all the trouble they've had out there. >> last night was third shooting in two months, all of them took place in pittsburg. natural reaction is common thread such as gangs or drugs. they do believe that the victims all knew their attackers. >> it's not like people are sitting on the trail waiting for people to attack. each one separated, isolated incident. >> the victim of the first shooting the group of men flashed gang signals before shooting him. but the lead investigator says he has a hunch that it was gang-related. second shooting happened and drugs may have been involved in that one. last night the victim survived and got out of surgery this morning. they are following up on leads.
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for residents, three shootings in two months, it's frightening. >> i guess it's not as safe as i would like it to be, but i don't know what else to do about it. >> you wouldn't be scared to walk down the trail. you wouldn't think that anything like this would happen. >> it's one that wanted to get involved in criminal activity. >> was of last night. it happened just before midnight which is after the trail's curfew high is expected to survive and following up on very promising leads. oakland police have one person in custody and are
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looking for another suspect after an early morning shooting involving their own officers. it happened in the parking lot of lucky supermarket. officers approached the two suspects and starred to run away. they waved a weapon prompting an officer to shoot but no one was hit by the gunfire. >> they are looking into a suspicious fire that damaged a classroom overnight. crews were called for a suspicious fire. they believe it started outside and spread inside and damaged the walls and several books. >> investigators from sonoma county are waiting the results of toxicology results to try to figure out what killed a 14-year-old santa rosa girl. she was found dead on her bedroom floor yesterday. she was go having a sleepover
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and all four of them they mixed with soda. they told police they didn't know what they crank. >> kidnap victim jaycee dugard memoir and 18 years in prison will be released tomorrow. she spoke exclusively to diane sawyer in an interview that aired last night. 31-year-old was just 11 when she was abducted from south lake tho. she was manipulated into thinking that the out world was dangerous. she was repeatedly raped and had two daughters. she was identified by a u.c. berkeley police officer. now dugard says she is learning how to drive and looks forward to moving on. >> i want to find love one day, the kind love i read about. still want that? >> i don't know.
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i don't always think about it. i'm happy the way my life is now. if it happens, it happens. if it doesn't i'll still be happy. >> it doesn't seem impossible what you've been through? >> it doesn't seem impossible. >> part of her therapy is writing and caring important horses, being in nature is healing for her. even though her memoir goes on sale tomorrow, it has already hit number one on the sellers list. meanwhile, those responsible for kidnapping jaycee and nancy garrido pled guilty to rape charges. they are both serving live sentences. a dive tiem time is no now on in mexico and could begin
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searching today for seven fishermen missing in the sea of cortess it's been eight days since the fishing boat flipped over killing one man and sending 35 others into the sea. most of those were rescued. now, they will determine if the bodies are still inside the boat on the sea floor about 200 feet down. u.s. and mexican search teams have already looked across 3600 square miles without a trace of the missing men. >> cutting classes could be expensive if they pass a resolution. it would apply to all students during regular school hours. if they are not in class and caught in a public place they could be fined up to $500 depending on how much they have been caught. some exceptions would apply such as a student running an around or dealing with an emergency.
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>> rescue groups are trying to find a sea alone in distress. these pictures were sent to us by a family, their daughter took the picture. you can see very closely the sea lion has fishing line wrapped around its neck. we checked with pier 39 and they have called animal rescue efforts but have not been able to catch the sea lion. they want to wait until early morning to try another rescue. >> the new predictions of huge job cuts for silicon valley tech giant. >> i'm prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done. >> president obama's tough words for republicans and democrats as he looked for a compromise to reduce the nation's deficit and raise the debt limit. >> and later, a massive delivery in outerspace and trash troubles
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. court hearing on the commutation case of esteban nunez. he had his sentence reduced from 16 to 8 years just before he left office. family of the man, nunez's son by the claim that using
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schwarzenegger of violating their rights by not up forming their decision. no word on when the ruling will be announced. >> president obama held a news conference hours before resuming high stakes deficit talks. the figure on national debt clock continues to grow. john boehner says the debt limit must be raised. meantime, rejecting a short time solution that quote pull off the band-aid. >> when it comes to the deficit president obama says we have to think big. >> now is the time to deal with these issues. if not now, when? >> he doesn't want a temporary deal to raise the debt limit, he wants big deal. democrats say house speaker agreed to put them on the table will letting the tax cuts expire. >> unfortunately over the weekend speaker boehner says i
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can't deliver. i can't produce on my side. >> the sticking pointed. republicans were note on board for raising revenue. >> we're not going to raise taxes in the middle of this horrible economic situation. >> what is recently appalling is our republican colleagues do extortion. >> the deal so law can written before august 2nd. that is when the government is slated to run out of money mark go the first time that the u.s. government has ever defaulted on their debt. credit agencies will downgrade the u.s. credit rating. >> social security checks and military paychecks and stock market tanks and all that stifles the economy and leads to massive layoffs. sis could confirms they will
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be laying off employees next month. they will lay on off 35,000 workers or 7% of the global work force in the coming week. san jose based company reported about $8 billion in profit last year but had a series of disappointing earning reports. they will cut a billion dollars in costs will which will include those layoffs. >> public university students are expected to face another tuition hike after school officials meet in week. they will vote tomorrow on a 12% hike for the fall semester. if approved students will be paying $1200 more than they did two years ago. u.c. students face a 9.6% hike if the board of regents approve their hike on thursday. it will be the ninth fee increase in eight years. they say the hikes are needed to offset cuts in the new state budget. >> looking outside, summer in
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san francisco again. >> exactly. flight arrival delays into sfo and the drizzle has been falling heavily enough, we measured .02 and watching 70 minute flight arrival delays into sfo. i'll tell you how cool it will get. >> also a few problems with facebook. links you definitely want to avoid on the popular networking site. >> and new guidelines for babies learning how to exercise before they learn to walk.
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a new campaign to fight childhood obesity is asking the youngest children to exercise. new guidelines even babies who can't walk yet should engage in physical activity every day. campaign urges kids under five who can walk to be active at least three hours a day, that is
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triple the time succeeded by the u.s. government. doctors say exercising prevents heart disease and cancer in adults. >> get moving. bundle up this morning. >> if you are still along the peninsula especially along the coast in to san francisco, still a little wet out there. you see the thick marine layer, the clouds as we look from tamalpais back to sausalito. we can see the san francisco and we cannot. looking back to sutro and twin peaks, if you can see them a wet damp day here but as you look at the satellite inland areas are clearing out as we expected by noon. i still think we'll get most of the bay cleared by 2:00. san francisco is going to be tougher because we are so slows to the ocean and fact some of the areas allowed the breeze to
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move in. most of the valley locations next to ocean will be tough to clear out in the next couple of days. let's move on and talk about temperatures. if you are leaving right now, we have the 50s where the clouds are thickest. oakland, san rafael, a lot of 60s until you get to antioch at 70 degrees. monterey, 59 in monterey as you head from the bay inland we see a little more sunshine, low to mid-60s. here is a look at highs, breezy conditions and slow sunshine which continues the cooling trend. we'll have thicker clouds, expect drizzle again for tomorrow morning's commute. clouds will get thicker again on wednesday making that the coolest afternoon and slow warming trend by the weekend. we still may not get back to average, we are good 6-12 degrees cooler today. san jose 8, livermore 9, redwood
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city 11. here is a look at the temperatures in the east bay valleys, these are about ten degrees cooler than average, upper 70s to lower 80s. union city fremont, should be around 70. low to mid-70s for most of south bay. we could hit 77 in los gatos. low to mid-70s on the peninsula. at the coast, raw day with the drizzle and temperatures in the upper 50s about cloudy conditions, low to mid-50s, south san francisco, sausalito at 57 and then low to mid-70s through the north bay valleys, santa rosa northward, upper 70s to low 80s, low to mid-60s for most of monterey bay. around the state today, cooling trend all the way to central valley, sacramento and chico, fresno only 93. palm springs, 108 the warm spot.
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l.a. 77. back home tonight, cloud cover, drizzle especially higher elevations near the coast and temperatures will hang out around the 50s. two areas of low pressure is driving from the jetstream bringing the sea breeze and cooler weather in and will continue to see this cooling trend tomorrow and again on wednesday. we'll drop about another 2-6 degrees, thursday will be cool and then friday, saturday and sunday, gradual warming trend and temperatures getting closer to average, 60 near the coast and mid-80s inland for the weekend. did you know this year's aids walk will be held in just six days, that is right. this sunday, july 17th in golden gate park. register by calling 615 had-walk or visit >> it's very easy to do that,
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online. >> and in outerspace the international space station got a year's worth of groceries. two astronauts used the massive robot arm to pull the container and attach to it orbiting out post. canister has nearly five tons of goods. and there was an old piece of space junk will not pose a danger to the space station. there were warnings overnight the floating junk could force atlantis to dock away from the space station. >> the first is casey anthony confession to her attorney. second a down led to an app for skype. they say attacks use current events as baite. think announced a partnership
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with skype and public outrage over anthony's a acquittal in the death of two-year-old daughter so be careful of those e-mails. >> 7-11 stories, 7-eleven is giving away free slurpees. they expect to give 5 million free slurpees around the nation. the drinks will be free until 11:00 tonight. if a free drink isn't enough for you, two local stores are hosting parties with live music other prizes. and those parties are being held at 3400 mission street in san francisco and sunnyvale on north fair oak avenue from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. >> still ahead, talk about a big
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bundle of joy. look at those hands and the feet.
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today at 3:00 on 7 live. i dream of jeanie, barbara eden stops in for a visit. michael finney has advice how to save big on health care costs. and caltrans as they are sending message to drivers please move over when they see highway construction crews so they don't get hurt. we'll have those stories for you at 4:00 and 5:00. >> proof that everything is, indeed, bigger in texas.
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>> they weighed 16 pounds. >> michael brown was delivered by c-section in long view. besides he measures two foot long with a full head of hair. >> she was warned that her fourth baby would be large but nobody expected this. >> future football or basketball star on his hands. >> that is going to do it for us has the average guy on the street ever lifted a gravy
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